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IBSC - Brussels Presentations

Bird Strikes During 1978 To European Registered Aircraft 

Experiments on and The Use of Chemical Agents as Bird Repellents on Aerodormes 

Can a Pilot Prevent a Collision with Birds 

Study of Birdstrikes at Canadian Airports 

Proposal for a Joint Project About Globa Birdstrike Analysis Between Members of Birdstrike Committee of Europe and Members of International Society of Biometrics  

Bird Impact Tests on Airframes Carried out in France 

A "Know Your Birds" Poster 

A Checklist for Birdstrike Prevention on Airfields 

Daiy Movements of Black - Headed Gulls in Brussels Airport 

Handbook of Bird Management and Control  

Development of a Predictive Bird Avoidance Model For Low Level Operations  

Proposal for Alternate Ground - Covering Vegetation on Airfields  

Code of Practice of BSCE 

Code of Proceedure  

United Kingdom Ministry of Defence Preperation of a Design Manual for Aircraft Resistance to Bird Impact  

The Airport Bird Problem - Scaring Devices  

New Organization Of German Board Birdstrike Committee   

Accidents And Serious Incidents Due to Bird Strikes to Transport Aircraft  

Distribution of Gulls Around Schipol Airport and Leeuwarden Airforce Base in Period from Aug 1980  to April 1981  

Birdstrike Testing of The Viggen Aircraft at The Hollaman Test Track, New Mexico, USA   

Results of Analysis of Birdstrike To Aeroflot Registed  Aircraft for Period From 1970 - 1979  

BSCE Identification of Feather Remains  

BirdStrike Analysis 1978   

Enhancement of Aircraft Subsystem Birdstrike Resistance  

IBSC - Bern Presentations (29 May - 02 Jun 1978)

The Identification of Bird Remains As Part of The Bird Strike Reporting Proceedure 

Bird Strike On Helicopter In German Airforce 

Collision of Aircraft With Birds of Prey In the Alps 

The Bird Strike Reporting System in Swiss Air 

Bird Strike During 1976 To European Registered Civil Aircraft 

The Computer Analysis Project 

Report From An ICAO Workshop on Reducing Bird Hazards  

Garbage Dumps In the Vicinity of Airports 

Length Of the Grass Along The Runways 

Use of Chemicals To Make The Soil of Airport Surroundings Unattractive 

First Experiences With Seagul Models At Zurich Airport 

About Use of Agricultural and Grasslands on Airfields - Reducing Bird Population 

Approached To Protect Endangered Area on Airports From Bird Population 

Continuous Work With The Migratory Bird Forecasting System 

Large Scale Weather Situations and Influence on Bird Migration During Seasons of The Year  

Bird Observations at Zurich Airport 

Roosting and Feeding Flights of Black Headed Gulls 

Biophenological Observation and Information Service in GAF, A Help For Bird Srtike Forecasting 

Operational Control of Air Speed for Minimizing Bird Impact Hazard 

Chemical Repellent Synergised Ammonium Aluminium Sulphate On Rodents and Principaly Birds  

Etude De La Resistence Des Structures Aux Impacts D'Oiseaux 

Measures Available to The Airport Management For Reduction of Bird Strike Risk  

ESSAIS en Cours Du Repulsif Reta  

Information Paper Prepared By the Chairman BSCE  

Paper IBSC 13 WP 30  

Documents De Travail 

Some Notes on Analysis of Bird Strikes To UK General Avaition Aircraft 

Practical and Economical Aspects of Grassland Management  

The Practical Use of Bird Migration Warnings  

Bird Strike Tests With Radomes and Wind Screens of The HFB 320 Hansa Jet and  Transall C 160 

Exploitaion Des Tirs  D'Oiseaux A Grand Vitesse Sur Structure D' Avious Mettaliques  

Working Paper on the Operational Use of Bird Strike Information From A Pilots view Point 




IBSC - Brasil Presentations 

Risk Assessment : Quantifying Aircraft and Bird Susceptibility To Strike 

Risk Assessment in Relation to Restoration of Wetlands (Lakes and Wet Meadows)   

Experience of Using Bird Harzard Risk Assessments As One of The Components In Reducing the Risk of Bird Strikes At 7 Airports In The UK  

The Impact of Leathal Control As a Reinforcement Technique When Deploying IBSC Best Practice Standars on An Aerodrome  

Just Culture Within Bird Strike Prevention Or Does Benchmarking Improve Flight Safety ?  

Possible Exenoration of Airport From Liability For Bird Strike Damage  

Measures Aginst Birds Strike A Simple Way of Proceed  

The Modern Options for Record Keeping and Analysis of Airfield Bird Control   

Combining Radar Systems to Get a 3D Picture of Bird Migration  

The Fight Against The Widlife Hazard in France (Civil Aviation) 

Update On Fatalities And Destroyed Civil Aircraft Due To Bird Strikes With Appendix For 2006 - 2008  

Vehicle Mounted Thermal Imager Used As An Airside Wildlife Control Tool  

Beyond Falconry Between Tradion And Modenity : A New Device For Bird Strike Prevention At Airports  

Bird Hazard Management In The German Armed Forces  

A Biological Battle Against The Thousands Of Garden Chafers (Phyllopertha Horticola ) That Attract Large Number of Gulls During The Summer Season AT Rygge Air Station, Norway  

The EASA Fly Safe Project Looking At Bird Strike Problem From Another Perspective  

IBSC - Athens  Presentations (23-27 May 2005)

  1. Bird Strike in Hellas Civil Aviation 
  2. Serious Bird Strike Accidents in UK Military Aircraft, 1923 - 2005 : Numbers and Circumstances 
  3. High Speed Flight at Low Altitude : Hazard to Commercial Aviation 
  4. Alaska Bird Avoidance Model (AK BAM) Development and Implementation 
  5. Mandatory Reporting of Bird Strikes in Europe 
  6. Fatalities and Destroyed Civil Aircraft Due to Bird Strikes 2002 - 2004 
  7. Collection and Dissemination of Wildlife Strike Data AT Airports forthe US  FAA Via the World Wide Web 
  8. Conservation & Industry Strategic Partnerships - A Model Approach For The Effective Implementation of An Airport Authority Bird Hazarad Manageent Program 
  9. The Effect of Habitat Productivity and Structure on Bird Spatial Distribution In an Airfield Located At A Semi Arid Region 
  10. Bird Deterrence At Airports By Means of Long Grass Management - A Strategic Mistake ? 
  11. Grass Species As A Key Element In Bird Control Strategy Around The Airfield 
  12. Effectiveness of Best Practice Bird Control On Land Fill Sites In Relation To Gull Feeding Behaviour 
  13. Do Birds Respond to Infrasound ? A study of Low Frequency Sound As Bird Deterring Technology  
  14. Aeronautical Studies To determine The Spatial Movements Of Hazardous Birds 
  15. Linking Horizontal and Vertical Models to Predict 3D + time Distribution of Bird Densities 
  16. Eurbase Military Bird Strike Frequency in Europe  
  17. Bird Strikes in Greece - 2001 Civil Aviation   
  18. Water Birds, Aircraft and Bird Strikes in IR Iran 
  19. Last Experiments With a laser Equipment Designed For Avian Dispersal in Airport Environment 
  20. Ground Vs Air Seasonal Changes Is The Use by Birds of an Irish Airport 
  21. Cyprus Flamingoes Commuting Across the Runway : Adapting the Aircraft's or Birds Flight Schedule 
  22. Bird Strike Data and Analysis at South African Airports and Spatial Representation of Bird Patrols in Relation to Bird Strike Occourances 
  23. Minimum Best Practice Standards for Aerodrome Bird Control 
  24. An Assessment of Bird Strike Risk at National Level  
  25. Multi Engine Bird Strikes To Turbine Powered Aircraft 
  26. Animal Ambush at The Airport : The Need to Broaden the ICAO Standards For Bird Strikes to Incude Terrestrial Wildlife 
  27. Risk Problem Classification Schemes in Bird Strike Risk Policy Strategies  
  28. The Role of Governmental and Non Governmental Organization Towards The Aviation Safety by Minimising The Wildlife Hazard Problems rom TIA  and Other Airports of Nepal 
  29. Court Judgements Pro and Contra 
  30. Ten Years of Bird Strikes In Israeli Airports  
  31. Numerical and Experimental Analysis of a Large Bird Impact on Fan Blades For The Certification Purpose 
  32. Bird Strike Syndrome : Towards Developing AN Index of Bird Injury   
  33. Bird Control - What New Technologies Airports Should Be Considering In Terms of Bird Strike Avoidance 
  34. Over Flying of Birds At An Airport : Developing A Methodology 
  35. Assessment and Integrated Risk Management Of Collisions Aircrafts To Birds At International Civil Aerodrome Kavala (NE Greece) 
  36. Modelling The Bird Strike Risk From Hazardous Birds Attracted To Restored Mineral Extraction Sites 
  37. Monitoring Avian Movement Using Bird Detection Radar ; Impacts of Nocturnal Movement on Flight Safety At A Military Aerodrome 
  38. A National Network of Bird And Weather Radars In Israel - From Vision To Reality  
  39. Bird Avoidance Models Vs Real Time Bird Strike Warning Systems - A Comparision  
  40. Integrated North American Bird Avoidance System : Research and Development Strategic Plan