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Please contact your region for training workshops, WBA will organise and customise training workshops.

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COVID 19 Pandemic - WHM Training 

  • The COVID-19 Pandemic has resulted in unprecedented disruption to global aviation. With the quick spread of the virus, governments across the globe laid out restrictions to travel and closed off borders to contain the spread of the virus. As some countries' numbers are stabilising, the aviation industry must prepare to restart operations. One important item concerns Wildlife Hazard Management. To help airports navigate this changing environment, guidance for business restart will assist aviation resources.

  • Trainers associated with IPACT have designed an online introduction module for Wildlife Hazard Management: https://ipact.info/?page_id=118 dedicated to resume operations post-COVID–19.

  • This module is free of charge and only costs you at max 15 minutes of your time, of which 1 minute is needed to create an account for entering the module.