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Presentations Bangkok Conference 29 Nov 2022 to 01 Dec 2022


Day - 1 (29 November 2022)

  1. Opening Address by Capt Gary Cooke 
  2. ICAO APAC Keynote by Dr Shakya Punya Raj
  3. Wildlife Hazard Management - Standard towards Sustainability by Ms Treeravee yongwattanajiranon, CAAT Thailand 
  4. Wildlife Hazard Management - Bringing the team together, challenges in Indonesia by Captain Achmad Sadikin Abdurachman, National Forum of Indonesian Aviation Wildlife Hazard Management 
  5. Robotic Falconry Bird Hazard Prevention by Mr Manuel Martín Flórez, ARQUIMEA 
  6. Innovative Technology as a Response to the Bird Strike Risk by Mr Dawid Gradolewski, BIOSECO 
  7. WHM Challenges by Mr Albert de Hoon, NAA The Netherlands 
  8. Case Study Airbus Finkenwerder Airport (XFW) by Mr Thorsten Heinzen 
  9. The New Standard in Wildlife Hazard Management by Ms Sibylle Giraud and Mr Chris Mathews, Robin Radar Systems and Scarecrow 
  10. Bird Strike Committee USA Role, Composition & Goals by Mr Nick Atwell 
  11. WBA General Assembly:
    1. Opportunities to Increase Membership Engagement by Mr Ferran Navàs (Minuartia) 
    2. Is a Global BSC Necessary by Mr Nick Atwell 
    3. WBA General Meeting by Capt Gary Cooke 

Day - 2 (30 November 2022)

  1. Opening Address by Ms Lalita Vaswani, President WBA   
  2. AOT in The Changing world of Aviation   
  3. ACI Wildlife Hazard Management Book by Ms Rosanne Blijleven and Ms Sara Brammel    
  4. Wildlife Hazard Data Management with StrykerAv by Mr Raman Emani   
  5. Bird Scaring Cartridges in Wildlife Management by Mr Brian Jeffrey, Primetake 
  6. Liquid Bird Repellents for Airports by Me M Kang Ez Flex Sairen  
  7. The Wildlife Hazard Management Plan/ Program Evaluation Report Card (PERC) Tool, Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Airport’s Wildlife Hazard Management Program by Ms Lisa Harmon and Ms Sarah Brammell   
  8. AVEM Insight by Mr Stu McGraw and Mr David Geil , AVEM   
  9. Airport Widlife Hazard Management by Mr Michel Glorieux, BTEE SA   
  10. FOBOS Solutions a Video  Presentation 
  11. Reduce Aircraft Wildlife Strikes with TRILO by Mr Peter van Mispelaar   
  12. The Use of Air Traffic Control Radars to Adapt to Periods of Intense Bird Movements by Dr Nicholas Carter   
  13. Strategies and Oversight of the Italian Civil Aviation Authority against the Wildlife Strike Hazard by Mr Claudio Eminente, Italian BSC  
  14. An Update on the Manual for Strike Reporting and the IBIS by Ms Amy Anderson FAA, USA  

Day -  ( 01 December 2022)

  1. Last 10 Years of Bird Strikes in Italy by Mr Alessandro Montemaggiori, Italian BSC   
  2. 60 Years of German BSC - A success Story by Mr Christian Hellberg DAVVL   
  3. Wildlife Hazard Management and Military Aviation by Dr Michał Skakuj    
  4. Modelling Weather Effects on Bird Strike rate by Mr Albert Cama Minuartia   
  5. Wildlife Hazard Management and Aerial Urban Mobility by Dr Michal Skakuj and Mr Albert de Hoon  
  6. Closing Address by The President, WBA, Ms Lalita Vaswani