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Regional Committees

The bird/wildlife strike risk is complex:

Aviation CANNOT solve or reduce the risk alone. Risk reduction goes well beyond ICAO, EASA and other regulators. A multi-disciplinary international and inter-regional collaboration all stakeholders is ESSENTIAL: A Gap that the WBA tries to overcome

  1. a platform for the national bird/wildlife strike committees and other entities, civil and military.
  2. a platform for pursuing a constructive and cooperative relationship with all stakeholders.
  3. a worldwide forum for the reduction of the bird/wildlife strike risk to aviation.






  • Facilitate stakeholder’s collaboration on regional level;
  • Facilitate regional cooperation of BSCs;
  • Develop synergy between stakeholders, aviation and non-aviation;
  • Facilitate a global network
  • Very low cost, non-profit conferences, allowing participation and exchange of information for All.
  • Help for those needing help
  • Easy sharing of knowledge and expertise
  • Free exchange of Data