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Mexico City Presentations 2014

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​D1-P01 ​-- ​What is important to see in a wildlife control in an airport?, IFALPA ​21/10/14
​D1-P02 --​ ​The Role of Airlines, ICAO / CARSAMPAF / WBA ​21/10/14
​D1-P03 ​-- Rol de los Operadores de Aeródromos Mitigación y Reducción de Fauna Silvestre,Aeropuertos del Perú ​21/10/14
​D1-P04 ​-- ​A spotlight on promising visual repellent systems by AIRBUS  & CNRS, AIRBUS Group / CNRS ​21/10/14
​D1-P05 ​-- ​Wildlife and Habitat Management, Avian Safe ​21/10/14
​D1-P06 ​-- Birdstrike F-16 RNLAFMazer-e-Sharif, WBA ​21/10/14
​D1-P07 ​-- ​Strike Reporting Voluntary vs Mandatory, FAA ​21/10/14
​D1-P08 ​-- National Databank Interactions Strike Reporting and Brazilian Species Hazard Ranking, CENIPA ​21/10/14
​D1-P09 ​-- Sharing Our Data ‐ Airline’s Involvement, KLM ​21/10/14
​D1-P10 ​-- ​A Strike By Any Other Name, WBA / CARSAMPAF ​21/10/14
​D1-P11 ​-- Overview of Sensors and Detection Systems for Wildlife Hazard Management,University of Illinois ​21/10/14
​D1-P12 ​-- A European-wide BIRDTAM system using the weather radar network, Royal Netherlands Air Force ​21/10/14
​D1-P13 ​-- Effective use of avian radar, Robin Radar ​21/10/14
​D1-P14 ​-- Experiencia y prácticas del Grupo Aeroportuario del Centro Norte en la Gestión de Fauna, OMA ​21/10/14
​D2-P01 ​-- ​Conferencia de Prevención de Peligro Aviario/Fauna – Dirección de Seguridad Integral SMS. EasyFly ​22/10/14
​D2-P02 ​-- ​Medición de la efectividad en el control de la fauna y el enfoque SMS, El Dorado Airport ​22/10/14
​D2-P03 ​-- Wildlife Hazard Management Plans and ICAO Safety Management System, Athens International Airport ​22/10/14
​D2-P04 ​-- Control del Riesgo por Fauna Nociva en el Área Operacional del AICM, AICM ​22/10/14
​D2-P05 ​-- Implementación del SMS en el Aeropuerto Internacional Silvio Pettirossi, DINAC ​22/10/14
​D2-P07 ​-- ​Wildlife Hazard Management at Airports -   Brazilian Regulation, ANAC ​22/10/14
D2-P08​​ ​-- Regulatory Guidance  for Airport Wildlife Hazards. FAA ​22/10/14
​D2-P09 ​-- ​Regional Bird/Wildlife Strike Prevention Conference. ICAO ​22/10/14
​D2-P10 ​-- ​Requirements for wildlife control at aerodromes, EASA ​22/10/14
D2-P11​ ​-- Actualización del CARSAMPAF ​22/10/14
​D2-P12 ​-- WBA Update. WBA ​22/10/14
​D2-P13 ​-- Global Action Plan 2014, WBA ​22/10/14
D2-P14​ ​-- ​Committee on Accreditation. WBA ​22/10/14
​D2-P15 --​ WBA Peer Review Proposal/Conexao Sipaer Journal. WBA ​22/10/14
​D2-P16 ​-- WBA Wildlife Management Handbook on the Web - A Wiki style proposal, WBA ​22/10/14
D3-P01​ --​ ​Nature Conservation vs Flight Safety - The Indian Story. Vanamitra, India ​23/10/14
​D3-P02 --​ Geese and flight safety in Denmark, Aarhus University ​23/10/14
D3-P03​​ ​-- Wildlife Strike Prevention at U.S. Airports. USDA ​23/10/14
​D3-P04 --​​ Aviation Safety and Nature Protection Case Study: The White Stork in Poland. WSC ​23/10/14
D3-P05​ ​-- ​El Agua como Factor Atractivo de Fauna en Aeropuertos, APSACA ​23/10/14
​D3-P06 ​-- Bird Strikes and Migrants, estimated by Constant Effort  Sites Ringing, University of Barcelona ​23/10/14
​D3-P07 ​-- Bird Hazard Management in Nigerian Airports. Nigeria ​23/10/14
​D3-P08 ​-- Bird Hazards to Aircrafts in Cochin Naval Airstation, CES ​23/10/14
​D3-P09 ​-- The Role of Air Traffic Control. SENEAM ​23/10/14
​D3-P10 ​-- ​Wildlife Strikes in Polish Air Force, WBA ​23/10/14
​D3-P11 ​-- ​Wildlife Strike Prevention Starts at Airport Planning: an Example from Costa Rica,Minuartia ​23/10/14
​D3-P12 ​-- ​Four Column Architecture for Birdstrike Risk Mitigation. BSC Germany ​23/10/14
​D3-P13 ​-- Manejo de Fauna en el Aeropuerto Internacional Ángel Albino Corzo, Chiapas, México, APSACA ​23/10/14
D3-P14 --​ ​Experience at Khartoum International Airport, Sudan 23/10/14
​D3-P15 ​-- ​Proceso de gestión en aeropuertos para la obtención de la autorización de manejo, control y remediación de problemas asociados a ejemplares o poblaciones que se tornan perjudiciales. Control de Fauna Nociva de las Californias ​23/10/14
​D3-P16 ​-- ​Trial with Grasses at Barcelona Airport - Conclusions for Safety, Minuartia ​23/10/14
​D3-P17 ​-- Grassland Habitat Management UK and Europe. ClearSky/DLF ​23/10/14
​D3-P18 ​-- The Benefit of Studying Ecosystems at Namibian Airports, Namibia ​23/10/14
​D3-P19 ​-- EASA Training Requirements in Europe, Athens International Airport ​23/10/14
​D3-P20 ​-- ​Training Wildlife Controllers. Vanamitra, India ​23/10/14
​D3-P21 --​ ​FAA Training Requirements FAA ​23/10/14
​D4-P01 --​ The Role of A Bird Control Department. Avian Safe ​24/10/14
​D4-P02 --​ Gestión para la Reduccion del Peligro Generado por la Fauna en un Aeropuerto en Expansión. Lima Airport Partners ​24/10/14
​D4-P04 ​-- Use of Falcon Robot GBRS and fireworks to deter birds in Brasília, Brazil.Universidad  de Brasília ​24/10/14
​D4-P05 ​-- ​Conspicuous pied propellers – a new method for keeping birds away from the aircraft?, Naturhistorik Museum Norway ​24/10/14
D4-P06​ --​ Artificial Light and Arthropods, Namibia ​24/10/14
​D4-P08 ​-- ​Polish Wildlife Strike Committee  - experience, regulations, statistics. WSC Poland ​24/10/14
​D4-P09 ​-- ​50 Years German Birdstrike Committee DAVVL. BSC Germany

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