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WBA Statutes

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The members of the International Bird Strike Committee (IBSC) having regard to the Constitution Act have voted and adopted this 

S T A T U T E 



Article 1 

WORLD BIRDSTRIKE ASSOCIATION (hereinafter: WBA), is officially constituted as an association on June 26th, 2012 at the 30th International Bird Strike Committee conference held in Stavanger, Norway. 

Article 2 

WBA is a non-profit association covering both civil and military aviation interests. 

Article 3 

The objectives of WBA are to improve flight safety and reduce the cost, regarding all aspects of the bird/wildlife strike risk reduction to aviation. 

Article 4 

The principal place of business shall be:

World Birdstrike Association
p/a Castle Keukenhof
P.O. Box 51  2160AB
NL – 2161 AN LISSE
The Netherlands 



Article 5 

WBA is entitled to acquire assets, to take over obligations and to do business with financial institutions. 

Article 6 

WBA is entitled to own property, obtained from: 

  • membership fees paid by members,
  • registration fees paid for participation at assemblies, courses or training,
  • sponsorship, donations, legacies, subsidies, or any other legally obtained incomes. 



Article 7 

Membership categories are established as: 

  • FOUNDERS: natural persons and legal entities present at one (or more) of the IBSC Conferences held at Stavanger, Cairns and Brasilia and persons in aviation business with special interest in the reduction of the bird/wildlife strike risk and accepted by the Board of Directors, 
  • ACTIVE MEMBERS: natural persons older than 18 years actively involved in the reduction of the bird/wildlife strike risk and accepted by the Board of Directors, 
  • INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERS: entities accepted by the Board of Directors, 
  • SPONSORS: these who give economic support through sponsoring or direct contributions to WBA activities, 
  • HONOURABLE MEMBERS: these who render their services to WBA, or those who deserve nomination due to their personal status, proposed by the Board of Directors and accepted by the general assembly. 

Article 8 

Founders, active and institutional members have following obligations and rights: 

  • to make financial contributions,
  • to comply with Statute, regulations and resolutions of WBA General Assembly and the Board of Directors,
  • to express their opinion in public and to vote during assemblies or via electronic means,
  • to enjoy benefits offered by WBA. 

Article 9 

Honorable Members who wish to obtain the same rights as Active Members may apply for admission to this category. The conditions will be determined by this Statute. 



Article 10 

The WBA shall consist of the following:

  • General Assembly
  • Board
  • Advisory Board
  • Task Groups 



Article 11 

The General Assembly consists of (all) members and, where practicable will be held once every two years. In addition, regional or local WBA assemblies may be convened with the authority of the Board of Directors. 

The General Assembly elects the Board of Directors as a whole and approves the annual and financial reports and the forecast. 

Members (from Article 7) are entitled to vote. A majority voting system (half plus 1) is used for election and dismissal of Executive Director and other members of the Board of Directors. Dissolving the WBA and for changing the Constitution Act and the Statute requires a 2/3-majority vote of the members. 

Membership fees and vote rating will be established by the Board of Directors and, subject to majority vote, approved by the members. 

Membership is open to national/regional bird/wildlife strike committees and associations or equivalents and all other organizations, entities and individuals which/who show interest in the reduction of the bird/wildlife strike risk to aviation. 

Membership, with respect to individual positions, serves the collective interest of the reduction of the aviation bird/wildlife strike risk. 



Article 12 

WBA will be managed and administered by the Board of Directors. 

The Board consists of President, Secretary and 3 (three) Executive Vice Presidents. For matters concerning a specific region the Board is expanded with a region representative, being the Regional Vice President.

Board members conduct their duty on voluntary basis or as part of their daily job and will  not receive salary  by WBA. Expenses other than salary – made for the benefit of WBA are in general reimbursed.  

The meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held at least once a year unless otherwise agreed by the members. An unlimited number of ad-hoc regional, or local meetings of the Board of Directors may be convened at any time. 

The Board of Directors acts on behalf of the General Assembly, fulfills all duties arising from this Statute and has the responsibility for achieving the WBA objectives. 

Article 13 

In case of leave, resignation or any other reason that may cause transitory or a permanent vacancy of one or more members of the Board of Directors, the substitute predicted in Article 11 § 3 and § 3 of this Article or, if that is not possible, the person chosen by the President will continue to carry on a member duty. This replacement will be carried on for as long as the vacancy lasts, and will never exceed the term for which the substitute is appointed. 

At the next General Assembly that member must be approved. 

Board members who are clearly contra-productive for the general interest of the WBA, may be removed from their membership by the Board of Directors, after previous oral or written explanations.  This decision requires a majority vote (half plus 1) of the board and with a tie, the vote of the President is decisive.  

Article 14 

As executive body of the WBA, the Board of Directors, has duties and obligations to engage, promote, develop, coordinate and disseminate ideas and tasks of WBA, and to execute the decisions of the General Assembly according to provisions of this Statute. 

Article 15 

The Board of Directors is responsible for achieving the objectives within a timeframe mutually agreed at the General Assembly.



Article 16 

Honorary Officer – Patron is connected to the WBA through the President.

He supports WBA Constitution Act and Statute and WBA as world forum and important actor in the reducing process of the bird/wildlife strike risk to aviation. 



Article 17 

The Advisory Board consists of the Executive Director and selected stakeholders. 

The Board of Directors invites selected stakeholders and national bird strike committees to join this Advisory Board. 

This Advisory Board provides asked and non –asked advise directly to the Board of Directors. 



Article 18 

Specialized Task Groups, temporary or standing, may be established by the Board of Directors on specific subjects to advise the Board of Directors. The Task Groups report directly to the Board of Directors via the responsible Executive Vice President. The WBA members will get the possibility to vote (half + 1 majority) on the outputs of the Task Groups to make them WBA policy. 



Article 19


Regional WBA Bird/Wildlife Strike Committees maybe established by the Board for specific regions as coordination between the various national bird/wildlife strike committees. These regional committees elect their own board and Regional Vice President. The Regional Vice President joins the WBA Board for all matters concerning the specific region.




Article 20

Acts and decisions at the General Assembly on the Constitution Act, Statute and their changes, require a 2/3-majority vote. Election of the President and other members of the Board of Directors will be taken by majority (half plus 1) vote. 

Minor operational matters such as venue and date of the General Assembly, its proceedings, etc. will be decided by majority vote by the Board of Directors. By a tie, the vote of the President will be decisive. 

The necessary quorum for valid voting on the Board of Directors meeting and General Assembly is 2/3 of total members present. 

Electronic voting can be used to decide on issues that require endorsement prior to a scheduled meeting. 



Article 21

This Statute shall enter into force on the fifteenth day following the last date of the voting process.

At the next WBA General Assembly results of the vote will be presented. 



Article 22

This Statute will be published on the WBA website and circulated via e-mail. 

Done on 10 November 2012
Revised on 07 December 2016

For the World Bird Strike Association


Capt Rob van Eekeren


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